Exercise 2.7

Exercise 2.7

This exercise was shot with a 35mm wide-angle lens on a full frame camera. The lens was set at an aperture of f/16, one stop below the minimum aperture of f/22. The shots were all made with the camera set at aperture priority at moderate ISO levels of 800 to 1600. This resulted in shutter speeds of 1/100s to 1/40s, which were sufficient to ensure sharp pictures thanks to all the scenes primarily having static objects and the camera being equipped with a shake reduction system.


Picture 1


Picture 2 – First choice


Picture 3


Picture 4

Focusing was in the benches towards the middle of the pier, allowing the boards, screws and plates in front and the buildings at the back to be in focus. My chosen picture of the sequence is number 2 because this shows more detail in the foreground has the less cluttered sky and sea elements. All pictures are equally sharp.


Picture 5


Picture 6 – First choice


Picture 7


Picture 8

Focusing was on the rim of the canal towards the middle of the frame. All the pictures show good sharpness and detailed foreground and background, but my chosen one would be picture number 6 as this does not include the highlight patch in  the top left corner (I wanted to frame this out) and has less movement blur from the birds in the background.