Exercise 2.6

Exercise 2.6

For this exercise I walked around with a 100mm macro lens on a full frame camera. The first sequence was of a spider making a web. For this I used an aperture of f/4 (one stop down from the maximum aperture of f/2.8) and set the ISO at 400, giving fast shutter speeds ranging between 1/1000s and 1/1600s, enough to freeze the motion of the spider.  The camera was set on aperture priority. Here is the sequence


Picture 1


Picture 2 – First choice


Picture 3


Picture 4 – Second choice

The spider was going in circles around the web and I wanted to frame it against a light background for maximum contrast while showing part of the web against the dark blurred background as an additional detail. My first choice was the second picture because of the position of the spider, with spread legs. The close second choice was the final picture, where most of the animal is in focus but the legs are not as nicely spread as in picture 2.

The second sequence is of a flower against greenery background. I used the same 100mm macro lens as in the first sequence but set the aperture at f/2.8 this time to maximize the background blur. The camera was set at aperture priority with an ISO of 800. This gave a relatively fast shutter speed of 1/400s which was needed to avoid motion blur from windy conditions at the time. Here is the sequence


Picture 5


Picture 6 – First choice


Picture 7

The background is slightly busy but I find it complements the vivid colours of the flower very well. Of the three pictures, number 6 is the better one in terms of sharpness at the centre of the flower and consequently it is my chosen one.