Exercise 2.5

Exercise 2.5

For this exercise I used a standard 50mm prime lens on a full frame sensor camera, as I wanted to be relatively close to the forefront object while also showing sufficient elements of the background. I focused as close as possible and used a very wide aperture of f/2. The camera was set at aperture priority and ISO was fixed at the base level of 100. Focus was done manually.


Picture 1 – Focus on front object


Picture 2 – Focus moved to infinity

Both shots have their problems. In picture 1, the background has been nicely blurred and the eye goes immediately to the lens picture in the forefront, but the highlight areas of the background create a distraction and the eye tends to move there. In picture 2, the wide aperture and the significant distance between forefront and the lens infinity setting has created a very distracting blur. Out of the two pictures, the first one is more pleasant to look at, but that does not mean that we should always strive for sharp or detailed foregrounds. Depending on the position and shape of the objects in the foreground, foreground blur can provide a nice leading path towards a distant sharp subject, as shown in this old picture by myself.

From afar

(c) 2012 by Jose Souto