Exercise 2.3

Exercise 2.3

This exercise was done at the same location as in exercise 2.2 and with the same subject. The lens used was a 14mm prime, equivalent to 21mm in a full frame camera. The lens was set at its widest apeture and the shot was made in aperture priority at the camera’s base ISO of 200. A flash was used pointing upwards to provide fill light.


14mm (equiv 21mm)

The focus point was in her eyes. The lines of the ceiling provide a nice pair of diagonal leading lines pointing at her body, which in this occassion looks distorted by the choice of focal lenght and low point of view, with her shoulders looking disproportionally larger than her head. I was focusing with the central point of the frame and did not recompose the shot, as I also wanted to include some of the background, but I believe the distortion effect on her body would have been accentuated by shooting on portrait to include more of her, perhaps even up to her hands. The chin up and the face looking towards the horizon combine to create an aura of magnificence that would not be achieved if the subject was looking straight at the camera.