Exercise 2.2

Exercise 2.2

For this exercise, I used the camera in aperture priority with the widest possible aperture. Flash was used to fill the light on the subject’s face. Two prime lenses were used, one moderate telephoto – a 60mm macro which was equivalent to 90mm in full frame – and an extreme wide-angle – a 14mm equivalent to 21mm in full frame. I tried to frame the subject in the same way between shoots, but the lighting from the fill flash was slightly different in both pictures. The pictures were taken in a corridor inside my house.


60mm (equiv 90mm)


14mm (equiv 21mm)













In the 60mm picture, only the front door of the house is visible and there are almost no details of the corridor itself. In the 14mm picture, you can see a lot more of detail of the background, including the corridor walls and a bathroom door to the right. I was expecting a more marked difference in the rendering of the subject from the telephoto lens to the wide-angle, but there are no significant differences in the proportions. The face features in the wide-angle look slightly more prominent, particularly the nose and the forehead, but I am not sure how much this was the consequence of the slightly different pose and lighting. Other than through the background, it is not too obvious to tell the differences between the two shots in terms of focal length.