Exercise 2.1

Exercise 2.1

The following sequence of shots were taken with four different prime lenses ranging from extreme wide-angle to moderate telephoto – 14mm, 18mm, 27mm and 60mm. The camera has an APS-C sensor, so the focal lengths are approximately equivalent to 21mm, 27mm 40.5mm and 90mm in a 35mm film system. The photos were all taken on aperture priority at f/8 and with a fixed ISO of 400. Exposure compensation of -2 was applied to reduce the burnout of some highlight areas to the right.


Picture 1 – 14mm (equiv. 21mm)


Picture 2 – 18mm (equiv. 27mm)


Picture 3 – 27mm (equiv. 40.5mm)


Picture 4 – 60mm (equiv. 90mm)

The sequence appears as if we were zooming into the dark spot at the centre of the frame, or walking towards it, but the proportion of and relationship between the different elements in the frame do not change. Picture 3 is the one closest to human vision in terms of object scale, but not on field of view, which is probably wider and is likely to be between pictures 1 and 2.