Assignment 5 – Shooting process

Assignment 5 – The shooting process

The assignment was shot over 5 days. In total 120 pictures were produced, but many of these were made with several exposures per image, so the total number of shutter actuations was much higher at 586.

The approach taken was to take the shots and combine them in camera. Three  prime lenses, all of them close to normal perspective, were used: a 35mm, a 43mm and a 50mm lens. They were all set to f8 (except one shot that was accidentally taken at f9) to ensure optimal sharpness. The camera used has three blending modes for multiple exposure, one of which is “average” (in which all exposures are even out to the same level), the second is “additive”, in which pictures are added up at the same exposure they were taken, and “bright”, which replaces the bright exposure areas of the first image. I used the “average” method for all pictures in which the elements were similar and there was no particular one that I wanted to emphasize, and then used the “additive” method whenever I wanted to have more control over which exposures to emphasize. The “bright” method was not used.

Pictures were taken combining between 2 and 10 exposures. The camera builds a final image with all the exposures and discards each of the intermediate pictures, for which it is not possible to replicate or tweak the end result in post processing by blending each exposure again separately. The camera here is faithful to the truth that it sees, and does not allow the photographer to reinterpret it. The only post-processing done was to correct exposure, lens distortions, to add vignetting when appropriate, and to crop.

Because I was not able to see the results before all the exposures were taken, the process was largely down to trial and error at first, with some of the images having to be retaken at different exposure and point of view levels before satisfactory results were attained. As I was approaching a final selection, some pictures were retaken and reinterpreted at different multiple exposure levels in order to get the final collection of images I wanted to show.