Assignment 4 – reworking following feedback

Assignment 4 – Feedback and reworking

Tutor feedback on assignment 4 can be found here. Based on the comments received I changed some aspects of this assignment.

  • One of the key comments from my tutor was that it was not clear from my notes what was my intention with this assignment. Looking at what I wrote initially both in my blog and assignment notes, and mindful of the process that took me to the final images, I decided to change the notes to explain better why I did what I did. As stated in my original notes, I was compelled to try this type of photography after looking at the work of Arnatt and Godwin, but this was perhaps a preliminary, aesthetic motivation. The objects I have depicted have a transient dimension to them, either because they are not meant to last (leaves and shrubs, all of which do not exists anymore) or because they are to be discarded, recycled or upgraded soon (previous tenant’s football, plastic bag, old shed door). They are in principle unimportant, worthless objects. I am aware of their existence, but choose to largely ignore them in my daily routine. They do not necessarily bring me joy, and sometimes may be useless. However, I have wondered recently if the relative value of these objects could change, if they can somehow be seen or used differently, if I could enjoy them. Their transient nature made this experimenting more imperative. Once these objects leave my life, I will not be able to know if I would miss them unless I tried to appreciate them under a different light. This assignment was primarily technical in its execution, but the choice of subjects and why I wanted to see them transformed by light was mainly motivated by this desired to experience a different relationship with them.
  • On a technical level, my tutor remarked that some of the images were cropped using different aspect ratios and that I needed to have a rationale for this. I feel that for some of the images a vertical orientation was clearly necessary due to the shape of the subjects, but that the series worked more harmoniously if I maintained the same aspect ratio on all images. I then decided to re-crop the images to 3:2 for the final assessment submission.
  • Another comment from my tutor was that some of the images may have lacked sharpness. I looked at the images again in full size and indeed one of the images from the original series was slightly blurry. I decided to exclude this image from final submission.

The revised assignment notes, which also includes small-size versions of the revised submission images, can be found here.