Assignment 2 – Reworking following feedback

Assignment 2 – Feedback and reworking

Tutor feedback on assignment 2 can be found here. Based on the comments received I changed various aspects of this assignment.

  • My original submission was prepared on 3:2 landscape crops. I originally choose this format because I believe crowds naturally fit into a horizontal orientation. My tutor suggested that I try the square format, which allows the framing to be tighter and the attention of the viewer to be more focused. I tried to re-crop some of the images in the square format and while it worked well in some (in particular for images 2, 7 and 10 of the original submission (see below)), I was not convinced it was adequate for all the images, which would still benefit from some extra space on the sides. I then decided to re-crop the series on a 6:7 aspect ratio, which I think achieves the best compromise in terms of focusing the attention of the viewer while still providing that horizontal orientation that I originally wanted for the series.
  • In addition to re-cropping, the lightening and contrast of some pictures was adjusted for optimal results when printing.
  • In the feedback, my tutor makes the comment that some of the images are weak and that they may be there just to fit the brief, rather than on the basis of their strength. A related point in the creativity section my tutor suggested that I needed to distil what I wanted to say and then look for stand-out images that concentrate on that. I had a long think about both the spirit of the brief and what I wanted to say with this series and decided to re-shot part of it to better fit both:
    • The brief was about “collections”. In the physical world, a collection is a group of items that may have the same function or are aesthetically similar but not exactly the same. They are usually different items, each one of them perhaps unique. Looking back at my initial submission, I now realised that I repeated several elements in the original images (for example, there are two pictures featuring a red bus, two pictures of tourists taking pictures) and did not properly explore other ways of connecting the pictures other than by common visual elements. I tried to address that by re-shooting new images as well as revising my original pictures selection.
    • My idea for this assignment was to show a diversity of crowd activities and the social behaviour of people within those crowds. Looking back at some of the images included in my original submission, I have realised that there was perhaps a lack of action in some of the shots, where it was hard to discern what was going on in particular or what actually made the shot. I tried to address that in the re-shooting session by scouting my potential subjects (commuters, tourists, people relaxing at coffee shops, etc) and observing for a while to understand what is going on before deciding on the correct moment to capture. This process fed a trial and error process, whereby some preliminary images were taken and then I decided to re-shot them with different elements changed or added (like the angle of view, distance to the subjects, etc).

The original submission, alongside the re-worked assignment is shown in the table below in the sequential order in which they should be viewed:

Image number

Original submission

Revised submission


Assignment 2 - Picture-1 IMGP2562


Assignment 2 - Picture-2 DSCF1459


Assignment 2 - Picture-3 IMGP2320


Assignment 2 - Picture-4 IMGP2514


Assignment 2 - Picture-5 IMGP2652


Assignment 2 - Picture-6 DSCF1418


Assignment 2 - Picture-7 DSCF1402


Assignment 2 - Picture-8 DSCF1624


Assignment 2 - Picture-9 IMGP2495


Assignment 2 - Picture-10 DSCF1441

My original submission included a booklet showing how I intended the pictures to be viewed. There were two standalone pictures – 1 and 10 – and 4 pair of pictures in the middle. I have maintained the same format in the reworked assignment. In the feedback I received from my tutor, one of the comments was that in the PDF of the booklet included in my original submission some of the pictures were out of sync. I have corrected this in the revised booklet, which can be found here. The original booklet, for reference, can be seen here.

As part of the re-working, I took some additional pictures. The revised annotated contact sheet can be found here.