Exercise 3.1

Ever since I accidentally made a rain shot at a high ISO rating (see below), I have been fascinated by how rain or snow are frozen in the sky by the camera’s high shutter speed. Naturally, my instinct when I looked at this exercise was to work around the concept of freezing water in mid-air.


Walking in the rain

1/1600s at f5.6, ISO 1600

The pictures below were taken in my bathroom under the shower. I wanted to replicate the effect of rainwater being frozen in mid-air, as in the picture above. To that effect, I selected the highest possible mechanical shutter speed in my camera (1/8000s).


1/8000s at f2, ISO 6400


1/8000s at f2, ISO 6400

I feel that the pictures above where a bit too cluttered, so I decided to experiment with more subtle effects, both indoors and outdoors:


1/8000s at f2, ISO 6400


1/2000s at f5, ISO 3200

The camera at these speeds allow us to capture what we only see briefly or even what we cannot see at all. In addition to experimenting with water, I also had a look at the effect of the wind on a piece of paper laying in the middle of the street, and stopped motion combines with light and colour to add interest


1/2000s at f5.6, ISO 800


1/2000s at f5, ISO 800


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