Exercise 1.4

These pictures were composed through the viewfinder of my DSLR which has the ability to split the screen in 9 sections. I have used either one of the sections to composed the pictures, or a group of these sections. The camera was set to programme and auto-ISO, so it took its own exposure decisions, but the lenses were focused manually (all of them manual lenses). Here is the final selection.

The top 2 pictures were taken using the bottom right hand side of the frame for composition, while the remaining 4 were shot using the central sections of the viewfinder. All the pictures include elements that I would normally crop out or leave out of the frame. In some cases these elements work out unexpectedly well with the main subject of the image, creating some counterbalance or providing context, like the lamp in the top left picture (main subject was woman walking between columns) or the wings of the building on the last picture on the bottom right.


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